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Full Version: [Release] SleakStripe 1.4x
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Author: 2JR
Submitted: 16th June 2009
Current version: 1.0

If you have seen my last theme i said i was very happy with it, I Am also very happy with this!
My second theme! Big Grin Enjoy peoples.

[Image: sleakstripe.PNG]

I personally don't like the colors, but it is good Smile
Yeah, Im not to fond on the colors but im making it for you guys not myself, and someone will use it for a more proffiesinal website or something.

But thanks Big Grin
Nice, good theme!
It looks nice. Not one I would use myself, but still very smart looking.
Good Work again Smile
I really like that, I would use it on a design forum or possible a teenager forum. I really like your themes, good work.
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I think you should add a table border though.
Im so happy with this theme it looks bloody awsome live.
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