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Full Version: for pc and console gamers
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We started a website about three months ago, and decided to create a forum using MyBB.


We're doing well so far but our forum is very new (less than a month old). You guys are always welcome to join our forum! Big Grin


Thank you and see you in our forum!
I like the design of your homepage. but was disappointed that it wasn't carried on through to the forum. If this forum is going to be active, I can knock up a theme for it.
Where all gamers end up and unite.

I think it sounds unprofessional for some reason but I do like the site, a lot of content. The forum has no relation what so ever to the great design of the website though. That's my only tip.

Good luck, looking good so far.
Well, a wordpress blog with a wordpress theme....
Nice content on it but that's it.

A MyBB, empty and with default design...

And a topic (gaming) which is the maintopic of thousands of other boards out there.

Nothing more to say, sorry.
The site really doesn't look bad. I would like to see a forum theme that looks like it, because the MyBB default just isn't that great with it.
Change the design in the forum and improve it. Just my opinion.