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Full Version: [Modification] Blast for user
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With this modification , you can make the blast like for user.
[Image: demo.jpg]

Demo online :

Please read the suggestion inside the file.

Hope you like it!
Good job Smile
What is this for? :7
(2009-06-19, 01:15 PM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]What is this for? :7

I think for Posting the comments in a Baloon...! (I think)
this Modification just like the blast on yahoo!360 or the " What are you doing now " on facebook ^^!
So this basically shows a status of what the user is doing at the moment and displays it in postbit?
yeah , kind like that , but user need to type in what they want to shoe in the blast ...
Ah okay... for every post again or just one time globally?
yeah , every post ... where they have the user information ^^!