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Full Version: [F] Rebuilding thread counters... Fatal error (ipb2.3)
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looks like same problem as previous version.

Rebuilding counters for thread #7500

Rebuilding thread, forum, and statistic counters...(This may take a while)

Rebuilding thread counters... Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 38273024) (tried to allocate 2 bytes) in /website/inc/db_mysqli.php on line 807
Your going to need to talk to your host about this. Nothing I can do
but what exactly the problem?
what need to be done to resolve it?
or exactly what need to be configured and where?
php.ini? httpd.conf?

so i can test it on my vps which i control all the configuration.

Yes, its your memory limit in php.ini. It needs to be upped to a larger value
I guess I could add that check to the requirements page - make sure that merge system has enough minimum memory to work.
so how memory it need?
i set it at 64meg and the error still occur
(06-20-2009, 12:56 PM)dennyhalim Wrote: [ -> ]so how memory it need?
i set it at 64meg and the error still occur

I can't read the script's mind - You'll just have to keep upping it until it works.
i'm no programmer. so forgive if this is a stupid question.
cant it programmed so that it only use certain memory?
and split the tasks so that each task only use small amount memory?

coz raising the memory limit will affect other scripts on the servers too.
and after the script out of memory,
can we continue the progress instead of rebuilding from 0 again?

so that perhaps a few refresh can complete this steps?

No it can't be programmed to only use "certain memory". Changing the memory limit does not affect other scripts.
i mean some other script could/might used up all the memory limits and causing heavy load to the server and slowing down everything....
isnt it possible?

if not, why all host have to put small limits on this?

i'll try this on my home pc instead...
i'll post the result in few days...
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