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Recently I've been workign on my free, ad-free Mybb hosting and I think it is time to go public Smile

General features:
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited users, posts, threads etc..
  • Unlimited website [For attachments/avatars
  • Ad-free
  • Lots of mods & themes!

Alex clone [Aka. MybbHosting] - Founder/Owner
Msn/Email: [email protected]

Msn/Email: [Hidden]

Come check us out!
Why did you post the link four times? it doesn't make any sense....
Oh Didn't notice it was said multipul times at the top Smile

Thanks and fixed.
A very Good forum hosting service

Good Luck with it Smile
Thanks for the good comments Smile
It looks pretty good.
Have the links on the nav on the index and forum have the same links. You should also make the create page use the same design as the rest of the site.

Nice domain though!
Thanks Josh Smile
I've updated the template now, I had to click "Overwrite" which I didn't do before I psoted this thread [Silly me]

It looks better. The white background looks kind of bad though IMO. And our logo on the index directs to a different forum.

The Sitemap Generator plugin isn't compatible with 1.4.7 BTW.
Directs to my other site which directs to MybbHosting Toungue - Will change that in a sec.

SiteMap generator - Will remove
White Bg --> Will remove that shortly.
The forum header is still the themes default Wink. I didn't notice till I scrolled back to the top Toungue.
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