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Game Source is a community based Gaming and Technology website, focusing primarily on technology useful for gamers, designers and programmers by providing news and articles on the latest info.

Game Source was the first to introduce a Dynamic Gamercard system for Killzone 2 (which became extremely popular), and hopes to release more useful scripts as new games are released.

I would like to thank Scoutie44 for designing such a clean/well structured forum style, I integrated it into the main design with minimal problems,
the design is still not finished, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

We have implemented MyBB as a content management system for the site and its pages.

Critique/Suggestions are highly welcome Smile

So without further ado, Site:
^ bump
I must say, that is an amazing theme, but the navigation is a bit illegible.
can you explain which navigation you mean?
I like what you did with your pages. You know, articles.php, news.php and such.
Oh and btw tools.php doesn't display anything but a table in blank.

Nice work with the redesign as well.
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Can I ask how you set up your different pages, i.e. news.php, articles.php?
I read the user tutorial for the display news on homepage, and edited it heavily to include support for displaying attachments + thumbnails, as well as individual article viewing.

At the moment, Im using the forum as a very basic content management system for the main site.
For news.php you can just rename the portal file and use it as a site.
Indeed I could of used the portal, but would mean that I would have to hack away all the useless code, right now the script Im using is much less bulky and fits its purpose well.

as for the tools.php, I have not finished it yet, thats why it contains no content.
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