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Full Version: Xbox Addiction!
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Got an addiction to your Xbox 360? Then this new web forum will soon become your home away from home (or Xbox!)
Clad to see you actually adding some content, though you should get some other theme than the over-used Afresh.

Header also seems a little empty. but overall is looks quite good, keep adding content Toungue

ps. PC Gamers FTW Toungue
Thanks for the critique. I am in the midst of making a custom theme, but figured I'd throw that one up while I made a new one. I also plan to make the header and everything a little less minimal.
sweet, well Good-Luck Toungue
The theme is overused and the banner is woeful. However looks good. Good luck. All I suggest is a new custom theme.
please change the logo to something more graphic.. colorful looking. the skin is awful... need improvement. remember, this is a gaming site. good luck.