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The Forum For Man Utd Fans

Updated daily with the latest news and shows every match live

great for small fans wanting to learn about the greatest club in the world or hardcore fans wanting to get involved in some good intensive chat
The banner is to big and parts of it are badly cut.
IMO the welcomeblock is kind of big. The footer also looks bad.

I would join but I'm a Barcelona fan and don't really like Man Utd. No offence. :p
I didn't like the banner either I fixed it

whats wrong with the footer?
I just seems...big.
I support manchester united however I still don't like the logo, the font is plain and the images of the footballers just looks rushed. And the footer could be reworked, it does seem a little large.
Take away some of teh like breaks and put some of them on one line. foot should be only 3 lines max.
I want to close the page as soon as I hit your forum.

The logo needs to be improved on, the ads shouldn't have a red background (too distracting) and the theme isn't great (imo).
take a look now all you negative people I have completely upgraded the site

although I will admit the logo is crap everything else is great

I am working on the logo
I'll finish the header tomorrow.
Sorry if I sound negative, but giving an honest opinion Wink

The logo is worse to be honest. I preferred the one before than the current one. It is not very clear and doesn't suit the theme.
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