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Full Version: Default Brown
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Name: Default Brown
Description: This is the MyBB default theme in brown. This theme was done by request for a client and it's exactly the way he wanted to have it. It comes with a lot of fitting brown images (almost all blue MyBB images replaced) which are also done for the client.
I think this theme isn't so special, it's simply the default theme in brown.

Additional info for this theme:
You are free to use the images in your own creations without giving any credits to me IF you keep the MyBB copyright in the footer.

Theme is awaiting validation at the Mybboard Mods page, you can download it in the meantime from
EDIT: Validated

Demo: -
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x (built with 1.4.8)
Adds templates: [no]
Changes templates: [yes]
Adds images: [yes]
Changes images: [no]

Index, Forumdisplay, Showthread, PM

Download: , Mods page
Still nicely done.
Thank you Smile
Ubuntu colors Big Grin
Ubuntu does use this brown?

Oh well, last time I used Ubuntu it was orange I think... but I could remember it wrong - Win XP User Toungue
I like the idea of a brown theme, but I think this brown is too light ... something more cocoa/chocolate brown would be nicer.

Of course, you made this for a client and this was their request, so kudos to you.
I'm just wondering, what template changes it have? I thought it was the default Toungue
(2009-07-04, 02:33 AM)combus Wrote: [ -> ]I'm just wondering, what template changes it have? I thought it was the default Toungue

Adds backlink in footer - that is indeed a template change Big Grin

Yeah, kinda nonsense but do generate my descriptions automatically (changes xy yes/no) Wink

So no real template changes - default.

@Bey Brad:
Yes, I'd also prefer a chocolate brown - I love chocolate Angel

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter