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Full Version: 1.4.8 Bug Reports Archived??
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I think this pretty much sums up my confusion:

[Image: archive.png]
What's the confusion? It contains the bug reports that were supposedly fixed by the 1.4.8 release. Since 1.4.8 is already released they are archived.

If you expected it to be the other way around (contains bug reports still present in 1.4.8) that would be much harder to achieve, since every time a bug is fixed it would have to be sorted into the archive forum for the version that first suffered from the bug.

It's easier this way and probably more useful too.
I'd say it's rather misleading. I figured they would've been archived when the next version was released (say 1.4.9) and then contain all of the bug reports that users encountered while running that version.

It just seems confusing with the current setup. Perhaps if it said Archive Of Bug Fixes instead of 'Archived Bug Reports'?

I understand what you're saying, it just doesn't seem logical to me.
It's fixed.
Ah, feels better now.
Thanks Dennis!