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Full Version: Theme Problem
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I try to install this theme

but it do not turn out real good for my site I do not see same result as their have like the flame and stuff

my site
Don't you upload the image files for this theme to your FTP ??
Do you surpose to?
if so where in the theme section?
You must upload the image folder to the your sites images/ directory.
You need to create a folder in ./images/, the theme's readme should tell you what to call it, and upload the images there... the reason the theme comes with images is because you need to upload them...
You mean upload the image files to the images folder? it still doesn't work
It's showing the default theme so we can't tell if the new theme is working or not...

Edit: the theme's image path is currently just images but it needs to be images/blaze
nevermine I try it and it work now
All you had to do was change the image path setting in the theme settings...
- Upload the images directory, including all subdirectories and folders to the root of your myBB installation. Upload with the image folder itself.
- Log into your Admin CP and go to the Templates & Style tab.
- Click on Import a Theme.
- Select the xml file ,(for that theme it is BlazeBB.xml) from the package.
- Make sure all the options are ticked, overide the older version , Import Stylesheet and Tempalate.
- Once done, upload it and go to Template & Style tab again, make the uploaded theme as default and voila! its done Smile

I hope that helps.
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