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Full Version: PS3-Groove v.3.0
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[Image: 24gsgmh.jpg]

Playstation 3 Italian Community

News, reviews, previews, articles, trophies... but above all a big clan! Everything you need for your PS3 in an unique, big and amazing site. look in on guys!

Note: The site is in Italian and so, sorry if don't understand! Toungue
There may be problems with IE. I have to fix them once I know wich problems there are. Wink


Let me know your opinions! Shortly I'm posting postbit screenshoots. Wink
Nice theme! The colors are cool and your front page is very professional! I have a PS3. Wish I can read Italian. Wink
Nice theme, good work.

This is the postbit:
[Image: 5mixbl.jpg]
really nice theme, congrats Smile
Amazing theme. Awesome job.
Thanks guys! Wink