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Well theirs not much to show off but the link is right here: <snip>
I would like to say my site has only been up for 2 days and i already have 5 members including me and a test admin account so 3. Any criticism appreciated!
I am a noob, so don't be telling me all these codes and stuff i get confused.
I tried to get as much done before my trip which is Thursday to Monday i believe any suggestions?
I would like to center the banner but i don't know how? I had it done on another theme but it was set up for another language i also know that the background behind the banner is stupid looking i don't know how to do that but any suggestions?
You have some spelling errors.

I here that many times - I hear that many times
will be aloud - will be allowed
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(05-27-2009, 01:33 AM)Showcase Guidlines Wrote: [ -> ]Forum Content
Any forums advertised here that contains the following will be subject to deletion:
  • Illegal activity (warez, pornography, hacking, etc.)
  • Racism or hate related content
  • Any other inappropriate content
You also spelt tutorials wrong there.

I'm not sure if that is covered by that rule though; the way I see it, that rule is against sites that are about hacking websites and things, whereas that forum is about hacking into your own PSP, I guess a bit like jailbreaking an iPhone...
Putting CFW on a PSP isn't by any means negative..
I find it odd how nobody noticed this, but yet they noticed the PSP hacking forum...
Quote:PC Programs and Uploads
Every program you got does not matter if it is pirated or not. It is fine to upload.
Post all your games and CSO files and ISO files here.

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