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what do you think
Lol, can you provide a description? Your post is rather vague.
Not bad skin, try compiling you inactive sections.
will be getting a new theme soon
You don't need to. It's a very nice skin. Only recommendation is to get rid of the ad at the top and add it to the bottom.

But one question.....

[Image: 5btd9y.jpg]???\

Edit. Why do you have a subscription area if you don't provide a service...

Your a Battlefield Heroes forum correct?

God job targeting an audience, but if I'm correct BFH has it's own forum and if I remember correctly it's even using mybb =D
@ prowler i think the closed beta was.
(08-06-2009, 04:28 AM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]@ prowler i think the closed beta was.

Yes, as well as the public forum.
myplaza together with myps? cool.. Big Grin