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Since 7th July 2006...

Description: An educational website with many useful sharings and documents for learners of English especially from Turkiye. Our members write both English and Turkish on the forums. If you click on the English flag, you can see the board features and menu in English language. Having more than 100,000 users...
I wish you would let us see the entire forum Sad But judging from what I can see, your theme looks good and it looks as if it is a good forum to have, good job on that Smile

I'd just make it open for guests to be able to see it, it will better your chance for more members!
At the moment it is open for guests.

Our 130268 members have made a total of 450450 posts in 41032 threads.
Looks a bit confusing to me that might just because I don't speak or read the langauge Toungue. Ah I re-read your thread and you got an English translation. I am not sure if I am liking the theme, it seems to be to much scattered around and the colors aren't the best.