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It's a portuguese general forums but "for the lulz". I mean, you can discuss whatever you want using whichever words you want because there are no boring admins or mods. It's supposed to be a funny place, to relax and speak of everything with the exception of porn and warez, or whatever we don't want on the board. Obviously most of you won't be able to comment the forum itself because you guys don't speak portuguese but I'd like some comments on the design at least, or whatever you want of course. Also, I hope I didn't break any showcase guideline, I think I understood and am following them.
I believe on this project. But I still have a lot of work to do. Any suggestions, ideas, comments, feedback are all appreciated. My biggest ambition right now is reach the 100 members and 5000 posts. Hopefully before school starts I'll have it done. Oh and btw, for 2 months the board was down. My host closed my account and only 2 months later I decided to revive my forums again.

Lovely design Smile Keep it up.
maybe you should use that SA smilie a bit more

The theme isn't bad, maybe changing the logo a bit? It looks weird with all those smilies instead of type sections.

Also, the guests banner text is kind of aggressive?
Looks great.
Quote:Farto de ver esta merda de mensagem? Ou estás à procura de um fórum onde relaxar e falar das merdas que mais te apetecer? Fartinho dos cabrões dos mods dos outros fóruns?

hahaha, os textos são cômicos

boa sorte com o Forum, é promissor
I like the design and matches the name of the site pretty well Toungue you know what I mean.
Although I am Portuguese, I'm not registered (as far as I remember) in any portuguese forum.
Papa Ranho ftw Toungue
(2009-07-19, 10:11 PM)combus Wrote: [ -> ]Also, the guests banner text is kind of aggressive?
The banner? What do you mean agressive?
Thanks everyone btw. And I changed the infobar message a little.
Those smilies plainly freak me out; nothing can be that happy except a crazed psychopathic axe murderer. Nice design though.

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