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Progress Bar

Short Description

Regular Expression

<img src="/mycodes/progress.php?score=$1">

Upload this folder to your forum directory (where in the index.php file is) then your good to go.

[progress]40[/progress] (number from 0-100)

[Image: progress.php?score=24]

The sample image isn't showing. Can I have another?
Sorry fixed!
The progress bar is not showing. I've downloaded it and put it to work, but nothing.
Are you sure you have done it correctly, uploaded the mycodes folder to the forum directory?
I can see it. good work
Cheers Smile
neat idea +++
(2009-07-21, 02:50 PM)TStarGermany Wrote: [ -> ]neat idea +++

(2009-07-21, 12:37 PM)Aaron Wrote: [ -> ]Cheers Smile

Really nice...
I was going to do something similar w/ jQuery, but yours has a better look. Smile

very good work dude

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