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Full Version: Forum Moderator Group Fix
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As per that lengthy discussion I have indeed created a plugin to deal wit this behavior.

This a free plugin.

* License: Free to use, free to distribute, and free to modify.

It's function is basic.

When a forum moderator is assigned the group (6) is added as an additionalgroup instead of usergroup. This does not effect functionality of the forum moderator. It only preserves the regular usergroup.

A member will be displayed as the forum moderator in the forum listings. However for the users group to be displaygroup they must go into usercp under "group management" and make the adjustment manually if they want it as display group.

When removing the forum moderator this will only remove them from group 6 if they are not a forum moderator in another forum.

To install upload modgroupfix.php to ROOT/inc/plugins.php and activate in admincp the "Forum Moderator Group Fix" plugin.

You may want to delete all current forum moderators and reassign after activating this.

Please report any problems, side effects, or bugs in this thread.

Nice one Jesse, thank you.
Thanks Jesse
Well I hope it's used....that's all.
(2009-07-22, 08:40 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Well I hope it's used....that's all.

I'll use it for sure, I read the thread and your plugin fixes a very confusing issue.

Don't be afraid to chime into that that and express your opinion.