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Full Version: How to make a theme
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Hello, i have read the guide on making a theme but im not sure what to do, i have the image files then uploaded them to /images/.

Then i went to create a theme and named it what my theme is called, i then set the image directory to /images/theme, and it shows the default theme.

I then went to export theme and downloaded the xml file, went to import theme, put in the xml file and the image directory, it still shows the default theme, does someone know why ?

You need to put all the images in the images/Theme name directory. Then you can to put the xml file anywhere but when you get to the import theme tab, you have to upload the file from the uploader.
You have to edit the CSS and images of the new theme. Just creating a new theme in the ACP, without doing any edits, won't make a completely new theme for you. :p
Ok thanks, do i edit the css in the theme manager