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I'm new to the MyBB scheme but I'm totally loving it!! I'm just having one problem... I have a custom header that I've created with nav buttons that I use on my entire website - I'd like to include it in my forum but I'm having one heck of a time figuring out where...

Currently I have the Afresh Pearl theme that I've just recolored a bit, but I'm flexible if I need to be.

Here's a link to my "splash" page that has my header include on it (everything on there with the exception of the social icons is what I'm looking to include).

the forum is here:

Thanks in advance for any help!!!
Theme > Header Templates > Header
I've tried that, i did my php include there, but it wasnt showing up - even had a few people look at it all were stumped... Sad
You can't use PHP in templates without the PHP in Template and Template Conditionals plugin. Of course you can always just put the HTML in the header template then add the CSS to your global.css.