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Full Version: MyBB Logo Font?
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What's the font used in the MyBB logo? I'm making a theme for MyBB, and I wanted to make the logo from scratch since it uses completely different colors. I suppose I could do without the font face, but it'll be easier if I had it.

If the font's not... well... whatever, a source file of the logo or something would be nice...
Hi can somebody please tell me too?
Looking at a long list of fonts I think its this one:

But I may be wrong :p
Only if they cut the top left of the "y". But, it's pretty damn close Toungue.
Yeah I used some special font checker thing :p
The font used in the MyBB logo is Georgia.
It is Georgia.

[Image: avg2lf.jpg]
OK thank you.
You should make a sticky thread with all the fonts mybb uses.
I would like to know what fonts are used in the new MyBB logo ? Thank you.
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