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Full Version: Don't have the Themes & Styles tab in Admin CP!?!
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I just need to figure out how to get the Themes & Styles tab in my Admin CP. I expected it to be there, but it isn't. Help?
Where are you hosted?? If it's CreateMyBB, they disallow you access to it.
Yes, I am hosted there. How do I host it here, or somewhere else that will allow me access to it?
Step one: Google "Free web host"
Step two: Pick one that stands out to you (be sure it supports a database and PHP)
Step three: Sign up with them
Step four: Figure out how to upload files
Step five: See MyBB installation instructions
Okay. So it will have the same MyBB format, Admin CP, etc? Like everything?
There's a sticky thread on hosts in the chit-chat forum; if you're hosted on a proper host, you install it yourself so you have complete control. It'll look the same because it's the same software but whatever was blocked before, will be visible, and you can upload your own plugins and themes and stuff too.
Sweet! Thanks so much! Wink