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Full Version: theme help
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how do I get the forum indicators from the unreals to the afreshmidnight without any problems? and how do I add in the unreal red theme to the list of themes to use?
The theme will show in the list of themes to use once it's imported, and to get the forum indicators, as long as the unreal ones have the same name and file extension as the midnight ones, you can just overwrite the midnight images with the unreal ones and they'll update.
well how do I import a theme?
ACP > Templates & Style > Import Theme...
yes but what do I put in the import from box? I've downlaoded the unreal red to the computer but I dont know how... wait I think I figured out now how to add it but I dont know how to add in the indicators to afreshmidnight without loosing the:

[Image: nav_bit.gif]
I'm not really sure how that image is related to the forum indicators... what do you mean by forum indicators...??

And to import, follow the readme instructions... upload the images to a new folder in ./images/ and import the .xml file in the ACP...
im not sure how its related either but the forum indicators are on the bottom of the Forum Home. I still dont get how to add them in with out losing that image titled nav_bit
They're nothing to do with the nav Confused You are talking about the on.gif, off.gif and offlock.gif images, yeah?? Just replace those images in your FTP with the ones you want to use, they're nothing to the nav...
yes but when I try to do that the nav keeps disappearing. the nav is there but its not showing up on the site at all, just the unented box with an X in the center. thats the only thing I really need to get fixed now.