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Full Version: What do you guys think
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Well here is my forum, I just got the theme Smile how do you like it?
Any suggestions?
Just so you know, that theme is busted in Safari.

Other than that, just looks like every other gaming forum. :x
Screen shot in safari?
I need some proof.
Looks great in firefox Smile
it will have to do i payed 5$ for that theme. I am not going to dump 40-120$ on a theme. Thats how much designers are charging no way.
[Image: theme.png]
[Image: threadviewss.png]
[Image: thread.png]
It's pretty nice do know the buttons are missing in postbit though.
Do you mean postbit, like when making thread or when viewing a thread. I never heard of that "post-bit".
Wait... You pay $5 for a theme, but not a domain.. wow...
(08-03-2009, 07:31 AM)Pingo Wrote: [ -> ]Wait... You pay $5 for a theme, but not a domain.. wow...

Yeah +1. A TLD would go a long way.

Also, I don't see any reason why I would register on your gaming forum when you don't offer anything different from the thousands of existing gaming forums that are at least active.

I do like the theme though, but I would fix it to work with Safari if you haven't already.
You can improve the logo.
How do fix to work with safari? Also any suggestions on something I can have that no other gaming forums would have?