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Full Version: Separate one's consecutive replies in display?
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Hello, I am testing this tool. I feel it is very good in many ways. One thing that puzzles me is that if one posts a few replies to the same topic in a row, these replies are displayed in one post with horizontal line separating them, which could lose information such as when a reply is posted. Anyway, I would like to see each reply displayed in its own box, as if it is a reply from another person.

Can myBB do this?

Yeah, the post merge feature is merging the posts together, it's to stop multiple posts being made in quick succession. To find the settings for it, go to ACP > Configuration > and type 'merge' into the search box.
Matt, thanks so much for the tip.

When I tested consecutive posts, I got messsages such as the following:
You are trying to post a message too quickly after posting a previous message. Please wait 9 more seconds.
I would like to change the system to allow one to post consecutive posts no matter how soon the second post is made. What would be the parameter to control this?

AdminCP --> Configuration --> Settings (Sidebar) --> Posting --> Post Flood Checking (Turn that off).
Thanks!!!! It worked!