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Full Version: Web Services
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Site Name: Web Services
Site URL:
Description: A forum were you can get free installations, promotion, graphics, mybb themes.
What we install
Forums: MyBB, SMF
Blogs: Wordpress
More soon
Your Name on the Board: Josherz

Theme looks default including the header.

sidebar longer than the postbit...and is all your content legal, all the images you plan on having ect?
Why do you have another forum at ?
You should move your Introduction and Off Topic forums into a seperate category.
I like that new theme by the way. Toungue
Josh thanks for the advice and theme

T0m i have no idea what you mean, i dont have another forum there

Prowler the content is legal
You do. Its a support forum. Untless your on a host?
Yeah thats the host
Ah nevermind then.