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[Image: 2vil7ko.jpg]

Website Address -

Website Description - This is a newly formed webmaster forum where you can discuss amongst other webmasters.

Website Launch - 8.3.09

Website Theme - Custom made theme called "Crush" (I was drinking Crush when I was making the theme.)

Main Admin
- AlphaTech (Pingo) - I know most of you know coding, css, php, so if you want, you can share your knowledge there. Since it is new, there are very few posts, but that's where you guys come into play. Let's make successful!

Suggestions would be appreciated.
That z really may come back to hurt you. I love the theme, but i think its too... simple. You have nothing to offer webmasters. offers a directory among other things.
(08-05-2009, 08:56 PM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]That z really may come back to hurt you.

How the hell would a letter of his domain come back to haunt him?
Because some people may think that Z is unprofessional. I've seen others say that.
(08-05-2009, 09:09 PM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]Because some people may think that Z is unprofessional. I've seen others say that.

Well then say just say it's unprofessional then. I like the logo, but I think the design is to a little too simple.

Do you know how I could get a page like that for my forum? ( It would be great if you could link me to a tutorial if so.
cool theme based from default theme? Big Grin
That's way to basic theme, you just changed like 5 images (and some css)... I woulnd't say "custom theme", but that's just me. Good luck anyways Wink
Yeah, I personally would make the theme a bit narrower and make the top and bottom rounded and maybe put like a blue background in the header with an aura behind your logo.

Other than that it looks pretty good, you have a good number of forums I feel. As I am sure you have realised there are a lot of forums like this though so you need something else i think to set it apart, what do you think of a Wiki or Blog which has information on latest software releases, security info and tips or something like that.
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