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Full Version: Which site should I focus on and which should I drop?
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Yup. What does Google mean? What does Twitter mean?

Zorums is cool.
Agree Wink

I'll stick with Zaiendo though Toungue
Sounds like a plan. I'll move the zombie forum over to and see what I can do with Big Grin
Zorums does sound cool Toungue. Just wouldn't know what to put to it my self as I find zombies a bad discussion topic Toungue.

Although I would nightshifters would probably be the easiest to get people to come to as well night shifters don't have anything to do(well atleast I didn't the few times I have worked it Toungue).
Ok well I moved everything over. I really need to get a checklist together for my forums to keep them all uniform to make it easier to configure. Sad
Google Means 1 to the Power of 10000000000....
Twitter has to do with birds tweeting or chirping, thus the birdish theme...Giving the Name Twitter

You're thinking "googol". Wink And googolplex = 10^10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Yeah, the number is spelt googol, they mispelt it when they registered the domain believe it or not. Google sounds much better though.
Believe it or not, I learnt that in school Toungue

Who woulda thought that I would ever use that piece of information Big Grin
It seems like i am always agreeing with omni or labrocca but zorums has good domain i am sure omni would like to sell it if he got enough people to it some how...I here labrocca don't you sell domains some one said you do and do a good job at it. Imho zorums...
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