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Full Version: I think this is a bug.... With the From: Beginning option [R]
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Ok I was playing around in Chit-Chat and discovered what I think is a bug....

To replicate:

Go to any of the forums, I used Chit-Chat.
Down the bottom select From: The Beginning and click Go.
The page will reload, with more pages available in the page list. Click the last page.

The bug:

The page will reload but instead of displaying the last page it displays the first page with the From: option set back to From: Today.

It seems to function correctly with all the other From: options. Maybe this is intended for some reason.....
This is a bug local to these forums because during the PR2/RC/devBB years things got messed up a bit. On the 60th page is only threads without proper datelines and as such cause a 60th page to appear. I will manually fix those threads at some point, and in turn this bug.

Moving to discussion
Fair enough, It is not a huge issue then, I doubt people would care I was just concerned about whether it was a bug that would affect people who are using MyBB and need that function to work.