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Full Version: MyAdopts - Free Virtual Pet Site Hosting and Virtual Pet Forums
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Hello All,

I would like to show you all my site,, which offers free virtual pet site hosting and allows anyone to create a free virtual pet site.

Our Support Forums are proudly powered by MyBB. The forums offer support for the MyAdopts Free Virtual Pet Site Hosting Service as well as a place for virtual pet owners to share their pets with others as well as show off their artwork and find new virtual pet site staff.

The MyAdopts service lets anyone make their own virtual pet site where they can post their virtual pets and let others adopt them. I coded many parts of this site myself and it is running a lot of unique, custom software in addition to the MyBB forums. Smile

Let me know what you think of the forums. We've got an active community so if you're into virtual pets, check out MyAdopts.

Pretty good. Try adding the Side Boxes plugin, I think it'll look good :p
Very nice site! You theme matches your site. Smile
I agree, it looks great. Smile