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Full Version: Un-banning Yourself
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Ohhh, I can't delete this post.
look here

however good work Smile

When you login to the Admin CP afterwards, you should consider removing the ban from the Banning page in the Admin CP (it's in the Users and Groups section).
But why owuld someone ban himself and that also forever.

This is very funny.
it can happen if your co-admin did that haha am i right guys?
Is it possible for other admins and mods to ban the "root" admin? If so i find that quite concerning
MrDoom Wrote:Is it possible for other admins and mods to ban the "root" admin? If so i find that quite concerning
Admins yes, mods no. By default mods don't have admincp access, but if the admin is "root" then(in most cases) he could unban himself thru PHPMyAdmin(as shown in this tutorial). My advice is, only give admincp access to trusted poeple not just to annybody. Wink
How does this mod fix the "problem" then?
Yes, however the chances of that being the 'root' admin, the person who set up the forum and assumingly also sets the rules and pays for the hosting/domain etc, wouldnt they then feel annoyed if another admin went balistic and banned them, even if they could quite easily reinstate their account.

The only other forum ive had real-life experience of is IPB and there system was in my opinion very well done as the ONLY person who could ever tamper with the root admins account was the root admin.
Basically like that:
- Root Administrator (Person who setup the board)
-- Normal Administrators (Administrator Assigned - Can change all admin settings CANNOT ban root admin)
--- Super Mods (Administrator Assigned - Can moderate the all forums in the board, can ban user through mod cp)
---- Mods (Administrator Assigned - Can moderate their specific forum(s) in the board, not sure if they can ban)
------ Registered Users (Default users group)

tmhai Wrote:Ok sure you made a valid point, but I never said that the 'root' admin couldnt ban other admins if that ever occured.
I never said that you said you couldnt (eh?), its just the way you phrased it it sounded like all admins should be able to ban all other admins regardless of "ownership".

tmhai Wrote:It would be much more secure if the plugin was embeded into the forum software, that way we wouldnt have these problems in the first place.
I agree 100%
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