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Full Version: [request] [bburl] mycode
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Well, this, I Appreciate if anyone give me a bburl MyCode.



and replace by the url of my forum (xD i write this without using the google translator(tas improve my English xD))

I serve you the domain statsig.php change is not lost

bump please
I'll make one for you. I'll edit into my post after it's done.
I'm not sure why, but I can't seem to get it to work even with a plugin. I'll keep trying though.



<a href="http://yourforum">http://yourforum</a>


<a href="http://yourforum">Your Forum</a>

if your bburl changes, you have to update the mycode as well
o.o but is not what I want to change it every time I change the url
Ese MyCode te servirá para lo que pides dime que necesitas.
necesito un mycode que muestre la url del foro aunque esta sea cambiada (que se enlace con la opcion de bburl)
Oh, ya te entiendo, seria usar las variables del MyBB como el

Intenta con eso, sino dejame probar con otra idea.
ok con este probe desde antes y no funciono, Existira otra barible en mycode
Do you mean this > [bburl]YOUR TEXT[/bburl]
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