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I nearly posted this two years ago, although I was waiting on integration which eventually lead me to re-think the idea. (I knew I'd launch) just needed a site that our forum could call "home"..

Anyways with the "wordBB" plugin looking shape.

Plus all that's going on in our world of football, I thought another season would cost us to much so I've open the doors. For those who follow football and have never heard of us, we're the oldest league team (oldest professional side) and our history as of recent hasn't been to kind. That's until munto took us over and took on Sven to draw interest into our side. Charlie's a legend though!

The skin was designed by my dear friend Ivan, who's the best MyBB skinner without a doubt.

Please visit his forum (which is in my sig) if you're not aware of his work. Who hasn't?

Notts County
it's a great site I love the layout
Thanks Steve.

I can't wait to focus more on the front site, it does need some work and maybe improvements to that theme (which currently can't be seen) but I'm extremely happy with the look of it. Ivan really did do a wonderful job with it.

Yours is good to buddy. Hope you get a load of red devils on yours!
hehe notts county Smile
Heard alot of them recently, mainly because of the manager. Toungue
Yeah it's been a pretty eventful time, with the takeover.

Sven doesn't managers us though, I guess that's who you mean? Just a football managing director..
yep. ok ;P, though he was the manager like sir alex, wenger etc.
Nice site, bad team Toungue (United United United)

Big Grin

I love the theme, good luck.
Lol. I love everyone's reaction. xD
I've signed up it seems o_o And I like the skin mucho!
Anyway good luck Joey *cough* >.> Toungue
Notts County fan eh?

I see you've just signed Sol Campbell today, can't believe it's a 5 year deal though. He'll be 40 odd when it runs out.

I'm a Latics fan. Lee Hughes is gonna bag a hat full this season. Easily 25+. I wish he was still with us, we could do with a finisher right now! He turned down a contract with us in January worth 4k+ a week, because he thought he could get Championship football. He came crawling back at the end of the season and we sent him packing and you lot signed him up.

I think you'll win League Two this year quite easily.
Yup, It's been a long time since we've had so many decent signings..

I have a soft spot for oldham and I think your logo's really cool. I hope we keep our feet on the ground though, all this money talk is making people dislike us and I don't want us to be chelsea or man city. (in terms of just splashing cash)

League two isn't going to be a walk in the park, though I think we'll take first place. (maybe bradford to follow)

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