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Full Version: MyBB Ideas Favicon problem
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Hi, i noticed that there is no mybb favicon on the mybb ideas subdomain.

Just though i'd point that out Toungue
It's only on the forums iirc.
Yep everywhere except the forums doesn't have a favicon :p
I see it on the forums and the wiki.
That too Toungue
Would be nice for my bookmarks... Sad
maybe PB or Ryan you should speak to justin s. Toungue
It would only need someone with edit access to the main site that would need to edit it. Personally I don't see this as a problem however as Ryan says it is nicer to have the favicon if you have a page in the bookmarks.
I see a favicon/
(2009-08-12, 08:05 PM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]I see a favicon/

Maybe on the forums. But, there isn't one main site including the ideas section.
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