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Full Version: Are user modifications ever implimented?
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Ohhh, I can't delete this post.
Quote:I was just wondering if modifications that users make, and are avaliable on MyBB Mods, are ever implicated into a version of mybb? Because I would love to, as well as many other people, have some modifications that have been created to be included into builds of the boards software.

It depends. Basically, if they're popular, requested and used enough then we'll think about adding it. However, we probably would rewrite their system and use their modification as an idea. If we do use their code, then we'd of course ask for permission first and then credit them.

An example would be the quick quote modification, which is already in the next version (pfft, you didn't hear that from me!). We took the same principal of you click a button and the message is inserted, however we took a different approach of how it works on the back end of the system:
	quickQuote: function(pid)
		post = document.getElementById("qq"+pid);
		author = document.getElementById("qqauthor"+pid);
			return false;
		document.input.message.value += "[ quote="+author.innerHTML+"]"+unHTMLchars(post.innerHTML)+"[/quote]\n\n";

Basically, all ours does is inserts the messages that you click 'Quick Reply' on, into the textarea of the quick reply. It can be disabled using the Admin CP too.
Ohhh, I can't delete this post.