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Full Version: Development Site Account?
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What account should I use on ?
With my community account (querschlaeger) I can't login so I registered a new account (also names 'querschlaeger' - same e-mail as here in community). But I still can't login with this new registered account on development site.

What's the trick? Smile

Best regards
You have to activate your account with the link you get in the email.

For me the mail was treated as a Junk-Mail so have a look in there also.

Haven't recieved a mail yet. Now used the option "Resend Password" but still no new mail from MyBB...
If you don't receive an email then its a problem on your ISP's side or email host side. We have tested it ourselves and had independent tests as well.
Check your spam folder Wink
I registered successfully yesterday and have had no problems regarding the email. Looking forward to the mybb modifications team
I disalbed ALL (server) spam filters. I never had a problem receiving a mail from a service somewhere on the web. Also it's no problem to send mail from this community board to my mail account.
:/ Ask for it to be manually made then..
I activated this account
I do have the same problem. I have been trying to register twice but didn't get any mail. Also not in SPAM folder. I also tried it by getting an new password but got no e-mail as well. Sad
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