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Welcome, Members.

I'm here to showcase my new site Xclusive Gaming. The site is a place for gamers to get all the latest in gaming like news, reviews, cheats, mods, and just about everything. We also have a big section for discussion topics like world news, sports, media, debates and a ton. We're growing everyday with 62 members is about 2 weeks of being up. I just got done converting from vBulletin to MyBB and decided to remove the post because of spamming things.

So please sign up and rate below.

I'm currently working on a homepage right now it redirect you to the forum.

Thanks, Classic
You should have made your header transparent, don't worry most people won't think of it. (just people like me...)

Waaaay To many forums. Cut down until they are needed.

A custom theme wouldn't hurt. Or at least a cool one. Try

Apart from those nothing, good luck my friend.
I have worked on lower the amount of boards. I think it's pretty good right now.
Its getting better. If you want to go a little more.

Merge Support and Suggestions.
Merge hacks/supports
World news may turn into the debate one on its own so thats a consideration. I would drop a few more, just to make it look a tad fuller.