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Full Version: GFX Masters (Graphics and Web Design Forum)
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[Image: gfxlogo.png]
Click on image to go to the site...

I've been using mybb for a while now and I finaly decided to sign up for an account here xD

Anywayz, GFX Masters is a graphics and web design forum I started with a friend about a week ago. We are of course looking for active members so sign up if you are interested.

I would really like some feedback about the theme, logo, plugins etc...

So what do you guys think?

~G-Man Toungue
Logo isn't that good for a site based on GFX.
Nothing is original. The thing about gfx sites is that I won't join unless I see a custom layout. You shouldn't be going into running a graphics design forum wanting to learn, matter of fact, it applies to everything. Be interested FIRST, because I'm not seeing much in the way of original. Bluntly, been there, done that, this kind of site is old news and won't survive the way it is. :\