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Full Version: Can one of the staff have a look at this please?
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I was browsing through my plugin list at my Personal Control Panel and I noticed something strange. One of my plugins that I have created a month or so ago, doesn''t appear at all at the plugin site where it is supposed to be in spite of its ststus shown up as validated in my Personal Control Panel. The plugin name is Attachment Restrictions.

Thanks and I applogize if this is in the wrong place.
Hmm, I think this plugin came up last time I spoke to you about one or more of your mods not showing up... it's showing up as validated in the admin section too, and when I invalidate it again, it doesn't show up in the list of pending submissions like it should... doesn't seem to want to co-operate. Can you try making an edit to it and resubmitting it?? That might push it though to be validated again.
Yes, I edited it but still no luck. I just noticed it yesterday cos after we spoke last I thought that it was fixed. But it is ok, it is only one plugin Big Grin Thanks for your reply.