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I suggest have a live support feature. Staff members who are online can talk to desperate MyBB users privately about forum support.

This would increase efficiency and wouldn't decrease anything, really. It may be more of a "hassle" to set up.

I understand that it would be easier to have just the forum to use but this could make support quicker.

* AussieJay is just putting it out an idea.
Only problem is that we may not always have someone sitting by at all times of the day (24/7) to give support. We use the forums for now as someone from the community may offer help, or when we have time to view and respond we can give the help ourselves.

Also, help given in live support is not viewable to everyone else. Currently people can search for an answer to their queries and limits the amount of support requests we actually receive, in theory.
Live support is good for helping one user, but other users cannot view that user's problem and the solution like they could if it was posted on the forum. So forum support would save more time instead of having dozens of users asking the same question in chat, there can be one thread with a solution for the problem multiple users are having.
It wouldn't work, you would have a lot of people there for the wrong reason. At least at my work more than half the people that come on don't know anything they are coming on about. Some people will ask my age and stuff. Some want to see the world Rolleyes. And, I'm guessing there would be a problem when there is a language barrier. Or, you'll have people that come on just to say mybb sucks.Undecided
Yea I think it's only useful when you are trying to sell a server, not give out a free service Toungue. Most business have live support to satisfy their clients but MyBB already does that by making it free. Also I am not sure if the staff wants to devote their life on live chat at MyBB Wink.
Mind if I support this topic?

Anyway, I believe its good idea, but again the staff is way busy getting 1.6.x serious out. So if I were to increase this idea, I would get a pack of members that are experienced with MyBB and that are wanting to help out new people that are wanting to be with MyBB. Simply call them MyBB Assistants, then get a live support software then wollah.

I mean we could set our hours like 9:00AM - 8:00PM, or whenever a Live support member is on etc. There is buttons with that software to give notices if a live supporter is online ready to assist and answer questions etc.

But that's my encouraging idea.
Yea sounds nice but it will get abused and come one the support forum is good enough and it helps others too.
We had the IRC but it was inactive if i recall.
Hey a IRC would be nice! We can give it a shot again.
We had one. It wasn't active enough.
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