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Full Version: localhost Tutorial
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Can someone please make a new tutorial on either the Wiki pages or in the community forums about installing MyBB on a localhost?

It may help more than myself. There are no topics or Wiki pages about installing MyBB on a localhost (there are support topics yes).

There isn't that much difference to normal hosting... after you've installed WAMP or XAMPP you can put the files where they need to go (C:\wamp\www\ for WAMP, I think it's C:\xampp\htdocs\ for XAMPP), make a folder in either of these locations, put the files there, and then go to http://localhost/mybb/ (if you called the folder mybb) and install as usual. You'll need to go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ first and make a database, then the database username is root, with no password.

If that isn't enough though, wouldn't be a problem to add something more detailed to the Wiki.
Thank you. A quick, effective tutorial.

It would be handy for other peeps out there to add it to the Wiki though Wink
It shouldn't be needed though. The install process is the same the only thing different is the set up. It's not MyBBs job to teach people how to use a software they chose to install separately.

We might as well write a tutorial to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL too.
(2009-08-28, 06:17 PM)NetSage Wrote: [ -> ]We might as well write a tutorial to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL too.


Where have you been?
I know Dennis Toungue. I was just saying it's not really needed Toungue.