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Full Version: Woah
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It's getting a tad confusing and unorganized around here lately - the bugs sections are moved, and now the announcements are with the blog. IMO it's getting too spread out here, and I don't like spread out.

I'm not liking these sudden changes..
I'm not really liking this movement of announcements from the forum to the blog.

I would prefer if you kept the announcement forum, but set it up so that it posted excerpts and linked to blog posts (via RSS).

Edit: Just noticed the bug forum. I'm sorry, but I'm hating it. I'm comfortable with using MyBB, and now I need to learn how to use and be comfortable with a new software? Why fix something that ain't broken? The forums were perfect.
I think the big thing for me is that where I used to see posts, I now see a redirect... D:
Also, we have to register again just to submit bug reports? At least integrate the logins...
The main problem I had with the announcements being posted only on the blog is that people might not know there's announcements of upgrades, if they're not on the mailing list or subscribed to the RSS feed, before the announcements forum would show new posts... the bug reports change just makes it a lot easier for us to keep track of things, and it's quite easy to get the hang of.
For organizational purposes it might be a plus, and of course if it smooths out the process for the team it's no biggie. But the announcements.. eeh.. not really a huge fan of blogs I guess.
Before, if you were to report a bug it would be a long strenuous process just to fix it and post the fix, etc. The new way, is direct, fast, and efficient. The moment a bug is fixed you can see the related revisions and patch differentials and know that it is fixed. You can even test the fix and comment back if you want. Every bit of participation from the community helps.

As for the announcements on the blog, has anyone ever looked at the "Latest News:" header bar?

1. Okay, no problems there. If it streamlines the process for everyone it's beneficial.

2. Well, not really... it's not showing the latest, is it?
(2009-09-01, 12:45 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]2. Well, not really... it's not showing the latest, is it?

It shows the latest major announcement. The interviews for example, are not a major announcement.
I see what you did thar.