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Full Version: [Release] [1.6/1.4] SimpleCorp - Clean, simple business site in blue, white and grey
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Nothing special, just a clean and simple business theme - a port of the free web template

[Image: 403.jpg]

A clean, light business and corporate forum style for your MyBB forum. Fluid width, table based layout in white, blue and grey colours. Tested with MyBB 1.4.8

Tested in: IE6-8, FF2-3.5, Opera 9 and Chrome


License: GPLv2
Hi, great and clean theme, but the posts in "classic mode" looks very bad.
Also very small text in the posts.
Interesting and nice
i will wait for a 1.6 compatible version
Great theme... Reminds me of Wordpress haha!
it reminds me BBpress ) Also I'm looking for similar minimalistic and clean themes.
Updated for MyBB 1.6
it's still have bugs. Look at threadlist top and postbit classic
Very Skeek!
live the color scheme