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Full Version: Integrating into another application, using other logon?
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I would like to integrate MyBB into a community networking website based on Elgg, which has it's own registration, profile, & login system. I would like to use the Elgg registration & login, & somehow feed that into MyBB.

I'm a fairly competent PHP developer -- but can anyone tell me how big that job would be & where to start looking?

I would ideally of course prefer to have one set of user tables, but might it be easier to have the Elgg profile trigger adding the data to the MyBB profile? I'm afraid that would be much too messy, so better to modify MyBB to use the Elgg authentication, but I don't know where to start that...


Elgg is nearly impossible to implement / merge with MyBB as far as I saw.
They do both use a very complicated system to hash passwords and keep users.
I tried to bridge them without success.

You can display any info from an external software in MyBB via MyBB hooks, look at the structure of plugins. But I'm not sure if elgg will be a good choice then.

If I can assist you please let me know.

Best regards
Lennart Sauter
I knew this about hooks from the Wiki:
  • can insert your own code to do pretty much whatever you like - hook functions can be made up of any PHP code.

To have you explain something similar in these exact words:
(2009-09-17, 09:33 PM)Lennart Sauter Wrote: [ -> ]You can display any info from an external software in MyBB via MyBB hooks...

...just made a big, bright light bulb go on Lightbulb
Thanks Lennart.