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Full Version: Wanna Add swf file in header
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Admin CP >> Themes >> Modify/Delete >> *set theme name* >>
Quote:Forum Logo
The URL of the image to display as the forum logo in this theme.
change to images/Movie1.swf

That should work??
no i tried it. it's not working...... and same for if i use a gif animation..... i save flash file as .gif and put there.

The header logo is a 'PNG' iamge and is stored in the CSS file... i have no idea about CSS so i'd say use g00gle Smile
You should try accesing your mysql database from phpmyadmin and open the table "themes" and editing the row that has the name of your current theme/template. If you know css you should be able to edit it. But I don't know if mybb has set the logo to be only images, not swf or any other. (look for the section logo)
You dont need to access the database via phpmyadmin, you have a template editor in the admincp, however if you want, disable the logo in the CSS template and add it at the top of the 3 toplinks templates.
In theme.mybb, find this:
<h1><span class="hidden">$settings[bbname]</span></h1>
and replace it with your flash html. The code occurs twice... replace both instances. If you're editing it in the templates editor, you need to edit header (Default templates) and portal (Default templates > Portal)

Please remember that a flash file is not an image... it is not even a standard, but a plugin developed by a single commercial company. Browsers have to be told what kind of plugin this is; they can't just guess.
Thanks for that, I needed it, now my logo looks better Smile