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Full Version: Mods site?
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Hi everybody,

I want to a kind of download script for my project site. I've saw a lot of download script but MyBB and SMF have very functional features. What is name in the MyBB - Mods - Home site or SMF Customization ... or where can I find those scripts?? Are there free or paid??

Thank you.
They are probably custom systems designed for the site.

Yes, the MyBB Mods site is a custom written web-application designed specifically for use here. I don't believe it is available for public download or there is any plans to make it public.

Chris W B.
Hello Chris W B.,

So, Do you know any scripts like that. Also its free??
Search for any download system or file management system on
(2009-09-16, 05:51 PM)Dennis Tsang Wrote: [ -> ]Search for any download system or file management system on

Thank you for reply Dennis Tsang. Smile I've started search PHP scripts.