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Full Version: Post of the month plugin
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Name: Post of the month
Description: With this plugin users can vote a post to be the post of the month. They can add a reason why they do think this post is the best post for september for example. A new post will be posted in the competitions thread (set via settings in ACP) containing a quote of the original post, a link to the original post and the reason why this post should be the post of the month.
Administrators and moderators have to approve the new post and can edit it like a normal post.
Demo: -
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Adds files: [yes]
Changes files: [no]
Adds templates: [no]
Changes templates: [yes]
Adds to database: [no]
Changes database: [no]
Comes with two custom images [yes]

The usual thread - but every post contains a special button "Post of the month". Button can be replaced, demo button included.
If you have javascript activated you'll get a nice popup window to enter your text.
Otherwise you'll have to deal with a reload and a new site.
The competition thread - one post is not yet approved

Download for subscribers:

This plugin was originally made for kan3 as a paid plugin, he wanted to get it exclusively. But he didn't reply for a month now so I decided not to wait for his money but release this plugin to my fellow subscribers. Have fun!
sounds great but I am not paying for it

One premimum mybb website subscription is enough don't know why there is 2 or 3
Because there are 2 or 3 plugin developers? Why are there multiple OS?
(2009-09-19, 06:47 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: [ -> ]sounds great but I am not paying for it

One premimum mybb website subscription is enough don't know why there is 2 or 3


@Lennart great plugin, thank you Smile
Allright then, everybody may post his opinion. But please stick to the opinion you do have to this plugin Smile
Any suggestions / ideas / thanks are welcome, just keep posting them here but please do not quarrel and do not argue about paid plugins here.

Thank you very much
Lennart Sauter
I like this plugins.
but later, I will subscribe. Refilling PayPal first Big Grin
currently I am subscriber of Labroca and Pirata site.
Now, the new plugins from Lennart Sauter Big Grin
Hopely you build another nice plugins..
I've removed some of the posts in this thread. The authors of these posts will know why.

@Lennart, can you not assign a custom style/class to the "post of the month". That makes it look like it's an unapproved post.

I've used a pale green, which isn't used much in MyBB. Try it out and see what it looks like. Smile
Errm, this is an unapproved post mate Smile