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Full Version: White Milk Button Set
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Creator: SoniQuake
Information: White Milk Button Set created by SoniQuake for MyBB 1.4
Download at: White Milk Button Set at MyBB Mods

[Image: 12451-1253270868-white_milk.png]
thanks for this set - looks really nice
i was wondering if you could provide the psd so i can add a few of my own to my forum
i.e. i need thankyou icons and wanting to make some group icons as well
They're good but yours are all the same, just different colours. You should try them with rounded borders or something.
They are orgasmic :Q_
@Rozzy the borders are rounded o_o
I know but the bigger ones don't look rounded. Maybe its just my monitor.
Very nice. i like it. Will you be making a darker one?
buttons look really nice on the default mybb theme (which is what im using on a future site)
just need the psd so i can make the thankyou and some group images Toungue
Which is the license for them?
(2010-06-08, 06:45 AM)Trinit Wrote: [ -> ]Which is the license for them?

Icons are too close together, other then that good job.
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