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Full Version: Subforum in Themes releases for theme parts
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Hi all,

I just noticed the Themes and Releases sub-forum was a complete mess (at least for me). Tons of buttons here, other themes there. I do appreaceate the effort of all the people contributing with their design work, I'm not saying they should stop or reduce their work rate. I just think individual theme parts (such as buttons, smilies, editors, etc) deserve their own subforum, maybe as child of the Theme releases sub-forum (I don't even know if you can have a child on a child), but just to keep things cleaner and easier to access.

*Off-Topic: The amount of sub-forums is pretty much endless.

But, I think it's a good idea even though I stay away from the templates forums Toungue.
(2009-09-20, 07:53 AM)NetSage Wrote: [ -> ]*Off-Topic: The amount of sub-forums is pretty much endless.

Toungue I have to agree with you there [/off topic]

But yeah if there are a lot of non-theme releases then I don't see why a 'Graphics' forum couldn't hurt Shy
Well, I just said a subforum in the releases because after all, is a release Toungue

But, I agree with the Graphics forum, it's more generic and we don't have one
Well you could have it either way :p

'Graphics' or 'Graphic Releases' Smile