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Full Version: Incorrect plugin versions on causing MyBB to always show updates
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After patching to the latest MyBB version I checked my plugins for updates too. Four of them had new versions since I had not checked in a while (shame on me). However, after downloading the latest versions of all these plugins, two of them came back in the updates again while I just installed them.

The problem is that the version of these mods listed on is different than the actual version tag in the php code you download.

Multi Video Mycode For MyBB is listed as 2.0 but tagged 1.9 in the downloaded code.
BB GeSHi Filter (Syntax Highlighting) is listed as 1.1 but tagged 1.0 in the downloaded code.

[Image: mybb-plugin-update-version-mismatch.png]
Isn't that down to the plugin author...?? It's their responsibility to make sure the version associated with the download submission corresponds to the version in the file itself...
This is a bug with the plugin itself, not the MyBB Mods site. Please contact the author.